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Monday, September 26, 2011

2002 Jaguar S-type Fuses

Engine compartment fuse box - fuses 
F1  Mini  10A  Red  Air conditioning clutch, auxilary water 
F2  Mini  10A  Red  Windshield washer pump.
F3  Mini  15A  Blue  Fog lamp.
F4  Mini  15A  Blue  Horns.
F5  Mini  20A  Yellow  Fuel injection.
F6  Mini  15A  Blue  Transmission solenoid.
F7        Not used.
F8        Not used.
F9        Not used.
F10        Not used.
F11  Mini  15A  Blue  Heated oxygen sensors.
F12  Mini  10A  Red  Coil on plugs.
F13  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Heated wiper park OR
  Cartridge  40A  Green  RH heated windshield
F14  Cartridge  30A  Pink  ABS motor.
F15  Cartridge  40A  Green  LH heated windshield
F16  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Blower motor.
F17        Not used.
F18  Cartridge  40A  Green  Powertrain Control Module (PCM).
F19        Not used.
F20        Not used.
F21  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Starter solenoid.
F22  Cartridge  30A  Pink  ABS motor.
F23  Cartridge  20A  Blue  Wiper motor.
F24  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Headlamp washer pump.
F25  80A      Cooling fan motor.
Passenger compartment fuse box - fuses 
F1  Mini  5A  Brown  Starter relay coil via Park/Neutral switch.
F2  Mini  5A  Brown  Radio
F3  Mini  5A  Brown  ABS/Dynamic stability control module, ACC module.
F4  Mini  5A  Brown  Powertrain Control Module (PCM) relay coil, instrument cluster, fuel pump relay, Rear Electronic Module (REM), transit relay.
F5  Mini  10A  Red  Autolamp sensor, T/A switch, overdrive cancel switch, heated seat modules, brake shift interlock.
F6  Mini  10A  Red  OBDII.
F7  Mini  5A  Brown  Driver's Door Module (DDM), Driver's Seat Module (DSM), Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) LED, security horn, power mirror.
F8  Mini  5A  Brown  Right front - direction indicators, side repeaters, side markers, parking lights.
F9  Mini  10A  Red  Right front - low beam headlamp.
F10  Mini  5A  Brown  Left front - direction indicators, side repeaters, side markers, parking lights.
F11  Mini  10A  Red  Left front - main beam headlamp.
F12  Mini  10A  Red  Headlamp levelling, ABS/Dynamic Stability Control (DSC module.
F13  Mini  5A  Brown  Instrument cluster.
F14  Mini  10A  Red  Restraints Control Module (Airbag), Dual Automatic Temperature Control Module.
F15  Mini  5A  Brown  Adaptive damping module.
F16  Mini  5A  Brown  Heated seat switch module, electrochromic mirror, rain sensor.
F17  Mini  5A  Brown  Restraints Control Module (Airbag) and alternator warning lamp.
F18  Mini  20A  Yellow  Radio, cellular phone, navigation.
F19  Mini  15A  Blue  Steering column motors.
F20  Mini  10A  Red  Generic Electronic Module (GEM), air conditioning, instrument cluster.
F21  Mini  10A  Red  Power folding mirror, sunblind.
F22  Mini  10A  Red  Driver's door mirror.
F23  Mini  10A  Red  Right front - main beam headlamp.
F24  Mini  5A  Brown  Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS).
F25  Mini  10A  Red  Left front - low beam headlamp.
F26        Not used.
F27  Mini  10A  Red  Navigation display, radio, phone, navigation module, traffic master.
F28  Mini  5A  Brown  Security horn.
F29  Mini  5A  Brown  Voice control, reverse park aid, trailer tow ignition sense, Vehicle Emergency Messaging Sytems (VEMS), Generic Electronic Module (GEM).
F30  Mini  5A  Brown  Generic Electronic Module (GEM).
F31        Not used.
F32  Mini  20A  Yellow  Accessory socket, cigar lighter.
F33  Mini  10A  Red  Generic Electronic Module (GEM).
F34        Not used.
F35  Mini  5A  Brown  Stop lamp switch.
Luggage compartment fuse box - fuses 
F1  Mini  15A  Blue  Luggage compartment lid release.
F2  Mini  10A  Red  Right rear - reverse lamp, direction indicator, side markers, fog lamps.
F3  Mini  10A  Red  Left stop lamp.
F4  Mini  10A  Red  Fuel flap release.
F5  Mini  10A  Red  Courtesy and map lamps.
F6  Mini  10A  Red  Left rear - reverse lamp, direction indicator, side markers, fog lamps.
F7  Mini  10A  Red  Right stop lamp.
F8  Mini  10A  Red  High mounted stop light.
F9  Mini  5A  Brown  Heated mirror.
F10  Mini  5A  Brown  Traffic master.
F11  Mini  15A  Blue  Seat heaters.
F12  Mini  5A  Brown  Transit relay.
F13  Mini  15A  Blue  Adaptive damping module.
F14  Mini  5A  Brown  Cellular phone, CD changer, Vehicle Emergency Messaging Sytems (VEMS).
F15  Mini  5A  Brown  Alternator sensor.
F16  Mini  20A  Yellow  Sunroof.
F17  Mini  15A  Blue  Fuel pump.
F18  Mini  20A  Yellow  Subwoofer amplifier.
F19  Cartridge  20A  Blue  Rear Electronic Module (REM) - left rear window.
F20  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Driver's Door Module (DDM) - driver's window.
F21  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Driver's lumbar.
F22  Cartridge  20A  Blue  Ignition.
F23  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Switched system power 4.
F24  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Switched system power 3.
F25  Cartridge  40A  Green  Primary Junction Box (PJB).
F26  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Generic Electronic Module (GEM) - passenger window.
F27  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Switched system power 1.
F28  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Passenger lumbar.
F29  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Rear screen defrost.
F30  Cartridge  20A  Blue  Rear Electronic Module (REM) - right rear window.
F31        Not used.
F32  Cartridge  30A  Pink  Switched system power 2.


  1. To locate the Jaguar S-Type Fuse box it is at the left, front, under the hood. There is also a fuse box located in the spare tire area located at the back of the car (trunk, by the battery).

    1. there is also one in the passenger front panel by your feet.

  2. How does one OPEN the passenger compartment fuse box cover?
    Upside down and backwards, there are no latches that I can see. There are two slots at the bottom, but nothing seems to move. Any ideas and/or tool suggestions?

    1. if i remember correctly there should be a little cover in the passenger side (on a LHD car) next to where your right foot would be. that should give u access. move the clip down and pull it out.

  3. How about a '76 i found a flap under steering that tells me what fuses for what, but i cant the box :)

    1. wow a 76?! you need somebody that specializes in viintage cars :D I'm sorry I can't help you

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  5. I was moving the driver power seat and turned the ignition key and lost total power to the car, any idea what this could be, I cant find a burned out fuse

    1. The fact that you were movind the seat could have nothing to do with it, you should start with the basics and check the battery, fuel pressure etc... Best of luck!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Have a short in a 2001 S type 4.0 any ideas on how to find it?

    1. can u better describe your problem? what do u mean a short, battery drain?

  8. Do you know where is the boot light fuse in a 2005 jaguar s type?

  9. Does anyone know where to get a specific fuse from 2000 jag s type

  10. Window wipers were not working so I tried to change the fuse with a spare and lost all power car wont even turn over now, any ideas, thanks (2002 s type)

  11. does a 2000 jaguar s type have a reverse polarity safety switch or fuse to protect from damage by hooking up boost box incorrectly?

  12. I have a Jaguar S-type from 2000. My Air conditioning clutch fuse under the hood is blowing every time i change it. Any ideas ? Because of this i can`t have cold air from AC. if you have an answer PLEASE!!!


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