Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1992 XJ6 Steering Info

In these cars, the oil flow to the control valve on the power steering system is continuous. When the steering wheel is straight ahead, and the car is properly aligned, there is a low amount of oil pressure applied to each piston. There is a small torsion bar in the system that allows some 'give' before actually turning the pinion.

The rotation is to:
  • Open and close ports in the control valve
  • Ensure the torsion bar is slightly twisted
The pressure to one side of the piston can go from 40 inch lbs. to 1200 inch lbs. The increase of this pressure is proportional to the twist of the torsion bar. The hydraulic pressure is provided by the vane-type non submerged power steering pump which is driven directly from the engine auxiliary shaft. There is a flow control valve connected to the outlet port of the pump to prevent the hydraulic pressure from exceeding 1200 inch lbs.


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