Sunday, February 26, 2012

Resetting the windows on your Jaguar

So your automatic feature doesn't work on your Jaguar anymore? It's ok, nothing's broken. This usually happens because somebody disconnected the battery and the settings for the windows were lost. In other words, the car needs to re-learn where the limits for the windows are. This is very simple to do.

Your switch has 5 positions. We'll call them:
  • "-2" which is the switch all the way down for automatic down
  • "-1" which is the switch slightly down for bringing the window down manually
  • "0" which is the switch just sitting on its normal position
  • "1" which is the switch slightly up for bringing the window up manually
  • "2" which is the switch all the way up for automatic up
The reset procedure is very simple:
  1. Shut the radio off and other source of noises, you are going to be looking for a little "click"
  2. Hold the switch of the window you wish to re-teach the limits in position "-1". Even after the window is all the way down, keep holding it and listen for a little click. When you hear it go to the next step.
  3. Hold the switch on position "1". Again, even after the window is all the way up keep holding it and listen for a "click". 
  4. That is it! Simple enough huh?! Repeat for all windows and you are all set!


  1. Worked a charm thanks!

  2. The procedure is not working for me. My windows are all working fine when i click for them to go down automatically, but they are not closing automatically. I've tried the described procedure several times but get no click sound.

  3. Did not work for me on a couple of windows at first. If that is the case, close the windows, let go of the button then pull again to position one. - The window will close a little further and you will hear the click. Then all should be working.

  4. No joy for me as front windows will not move at all. I
    I hear a click when I press the switch but no movement of windows.Rear windows work fine.

  5. Hi, I have problem that "all windows down" function is working on the remote key (holding unlock button for few second) but then I am locking the car and holding lock button for few seconds windows not came's happen fater dealer re-set my battery, any idea how to enable that back?

  6. Hi my problem is on my XFR I've had 4 new censers fitted to wheels and a new receiver fitted, but the warning light saying TYRE PRESSUURE SYSTEM FAILURE still keeps coming on. I can remove it by pressing the red triangle, but it re appears every time the engine is started. Any ideas please.

  7. So helpful . Thank you so much

  8. can we resetting the window on xe? If yes, it would be the same way? Thx

  9. Wow...that was easy. Worked great!

  10. My Jaguar XF has been in the garage not used for three months. The passenger window now does not come down when selected. There is a dull thud noise when switch is operated suggesting the switch is good and power is applied, however, a minimal amount of movement 0.5 millimeter then nothing more. I have followed the reset procedure above but no luck. The window functioned perfectly 3 months ago and the battery has not been disconnected and started the engine perfectly. Any ideas?

  11. I had a slightly different experience, which I'm attributing to the fact I have a "facelifted" 2013+ XF.

    1) Hold the button at -1 until the window was down.
    2) Let go of the button and then press it again to the -1 position.
    3) Wait for two small clicks.
    4) Hold the button at the +1 position until the window is all the way up.
    5) Let go and then press it again to the +1 position.
    6) Wait for two small clicks.
    7) Repeat for other window(s).

    That re-enabled the vent stop on the rear windows. Thanks.

  12. Hi hope someone can advise.
    Jump started my 2014 x .f. today now both back doors and back windows won't unlock or open.