Friday, March 16, 2012

Intake manifold in a 2002 S-type 3.0L

So today I got a car with the codes:
  • P0300: Random misfire.
  • P0301: Misfire in cylinder 1
  • P0302: Misfire in cylinder 2
Most of us know what that means, but to those who don't: it, most of the time not always, means that the coils that are under the intake manifold have to be changed. I know this car needs the coils because the easy ones were going out and I replaced them, so now he was due to the ones under the manifold.

This are the things I used, with a link next on where to get them cheap and the part number:
  1. Spark Plugs x 3, I recommend NGK ITR5F-13
  2. Ignition Coils x 3, I recommend OE Aftermarket Ignition Coil 
  3. Anti-seize, I recommend  Permatex
  4. Butterfly Seal: C2S40669
  5. Upper intake seals x 6: XR843536
  6. Lower intake seals x 6: XR843533
  7. Vacuum elbow: XR845730
  8. Upper radiator hose you might brake: XR854920  OES Genuine Radiator Hose for select Jaguar S-Type models

Here is the procedure, but before that, let me warn you about a couple of things. This job is not that hard but you must be careful as the upper radiator cooling hose has a nipple that loves to brake. The hose is easy enough to change with the manifold off (on this car I broke the nipple but I had warned the customer). When you have the manifold out, I recommend taking out the plenum and changing a vacuum hose that's underneath which loves to warp and create an annoying vacuum leak.

  • Take the intake boot out.
  • Clamp the two cooling lines and remove the throttle body:
    • Disconnect the two connectors that go on the throttle assembly and remove the four 10mm bolts. Put it aside with the bolts and the gasket, which is better if you change.

  • Remove the two manifold brackets securing bolts. Facing the engine, one is in front of you, the other is at your left at the bottom of the manifold.

  • Disconnect the intake manifold tuning valve electrical connectors, there are two and they are black, on on the left and one on the back.

  • There is also a vacuum hose at the back of the manifold, look for it and disconnect it.
  • Right behind where the throttle body bolts on to, there is another vacuum hose, disconnect it.
  • Remove the eight bolts that secure the intake manifold, four are long and four are short, note where they go. Also, the two bolts in the back hold this weird almost pointless black bracket that surrounds the regulator, note where it goes and fish it out.

  • Fish the intake manifold out. Clean the manifold and the throttle body now that they are out and it's very easy. Also, It's a good time to change the manifold tuning valves' gaskets.

  • Disconnect the fuel line.
  • Unplug the sensor next to the fuel line.
  • Undo the vacuum line that goes to the regulator on the back of the plenum.
  • Undo the connector that goes to the regulator.
  • Undo the four lower manifold bolts, make sure not to drop anything down those holes.
  • Now you can lift the plenum and set it aside to the left, you can't take it out because the injector harness is holding it, but setting aside is enough to work.
  • Remove the pain in the as* vacuum hose that is strategically placed by the Jaguar engineers to win their war against mechanics and DIYs.

Now we basically have to put everything back together in reverse order:
  • Good time to change the spark plugs and the coils.

  • Take the old gaskets on the intake plenum out and clean it with brake clean.
  • Put the new gaskets in.

  • Put the plenum back carefully, catch the four bolts by hand and tighten them.
  • On the back of the plenum, plug the vacuum hose back, and the connector that goes to the regulator.
  • Catch the fuel line back, and plug in the sensor next to it.
  • Now change the gaskets on top of the plenum, again cleaning with some brake cleaner and making sure you don't drop anything down those holes.

  • Put the manifold back in place, make sure not to bend any lines, and route everything the way it was. Catch the bolts by hand, including the two short bolts that attach to the brackets, and tighten with an extension still by hand, then tighten them all, don't forget the pointless bracket I told you about.
  • Plug the two vacuum hoses that attach to the manifold, one right behind where the throttle body would go and the other at the back of the manifold.
  • Reconnect the manifold tuning valves' connectors.
  • Preferably with a new gasket, put the throttle body back in place, and catch the bolts. if you don't have a new gasket, some Permatex Clear RTV Silicone would be good. Tighten the bolts.
  • Intake back in.
While I was doing this job, I happened to brake the nipple of the cooling line, here is a pick of the upper radiator hose I took out :( You have to be very careful, but this happens all the time:

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  1. how long did this take?any special tools required?
    is it worth me getting a new nipple or pipe ready as i cannot have the car off the road.

    1. took me about 2 hrs including cleaning my tools, but I have practice and air tools. I recomend this to be a weekend project. well, I did about 10 of these things and about 5 times I broke the nipple, and I have a lot of practice, so... your call :D best of luck!!!

    2. that nipple was heat seated on the upper radiator hose , and yes broke there was nothing left of that nipple cheap plastic on a line that get hot then cold makes no sense to me but like he said be very care it will break

  2. would you happen to know what the pipe/nipple is that i need please part number etc?i have found the seals on britishparts but cannot find the butterfly seal

    1. I dont want to give u a part number because it varies by application but look for it as "upper radiator hose" is a whole assembly. The part number for THE ONE THAT I USED WHICH WAS A 2002 STYPE V6 is XR854920.

      Best of luck!!!

    2. I put a link on the article (# 8 in what you would need) with a link to the hose and where you can get it. and the part number in case...

  3. Do you know where i can find the clip that holds the vacuum hose right next to the intake manifold air valve, thanx

    1. i tried looking for it on our microfiche and online parts but can get a hold of it, cable tie it?

  4. Is this the same procedure for a 2003 serial m51410?

  5. How great! I can’t wait to see the projects you did with the new saw,, I love the progression shots! BEST VACUUM