Monday, March 19, 2012

OTC 7448 Fuel injection Cleaner Review

I just purchased the OTC 7448 Injection cleaner system and a review is due.
OTC 7448

Well the point of the tools is to clean:
  1. the injectors
  2. the valves
The reason why I decided to use this tool is because I already had a Fuel injection tester from OTC and I figured the connections would be the same, and they were. So with this tool and the Master fuel injection set (OTC 6550PRO) from them you can perform an injection service to almost any car.

I am very satidfied with the product, it's made in Taiwan, but it seems of good quality. Now the big question, does it work? I would say it made a difference. In the future when I test it in more Jaguars I will post the results here. But I only tested it in one car yet, a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 2000 with some serious issues.

Here are the results:
  • The long term fuel trim went from +4% to 0.2% which is good.
  • RPM stopped fluctuating.
  • RPM is stable at 700 now, before it was 800 and dropped randomly.
This system did make a difference and I like this tool a lot so far. You can use any cleaner you want, I used Wynns. 

Here are links if you are interested in these tools:


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