Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to change the air filter on your Jaguar XK 2008

You'll need: Beck Arnley 042-1792 Air Filter


Here is the procedure for changing the air filter in your Jaguar XK 2008.
  • Crack the lug nuts on the left front wheel (yes you heard right!)
  • Lift the left front side up
  • Remove lugs and the left front wheel

  • Remove the Torx screws and the two Phillips clips of the wheel well. You don't have to remove the whole well, just enough screws to be able to pull it forward. Just look at the pics.

  • Remove the two screws securing the filter casing to the filter housing

  • Remove the filter casing
  • Remove the filter from the casing

  • Place the new one
  • Place the filter casing back in place. Make sure the filter doesn't bend and goes in smoothly
  • Screw the casing to the housing
  • Place all the Torx and the two clips of the well back in place
  • Place the wheel back in place, and snug the lug nuts by hand as much as you can
  • Let the car down
  • Tighten the lug nuts


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  2. Hello Daxter Bels,
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    1. your thinking about the wrong air filter. this article is to replace the engine air filter, not the cabin air filter.

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  6. is there a difference in no. of air filters between the 4.2l and 5.0l XKs? And between XK and XKR?