Thursday, August 22, 2013

Super XJ air suspension C2302: an odd leak

Just wanted to share this with you Jag technicians, a place where it is possible to find the leak, that's not so common. Inside the trunk, below the spare tire, there is the air suspension reservoir and the valve block which directs air to the air springs. I was looking for a leak from the pesky code C2302... Here is a pic of the reservoir and the valve block:

Jaguar literature says that the two thicker lines (6mm) are for the front springs and the other three thinner lines (4mm) are for the rear springs and the compressor. And you can see a remaining bigger line that goes to the reservoir. I wanted to see this valve block to see if there was any signs of obvious leak, but ended up finding something interesting instead, looking to the battery some dumb mechanic (or the owner maybe but I doubt it) had changed the battery and forgot to put the battery breather tube, so all the acid from the battery was leaking inside the trunk, eating everything. There was a big pile of acid specially on top of a harness that has two of the lines (the two thin ones), here are some pics:

 That will eat up the line and create a leak, and also eat up those wires and create those crazy electrical problems. So the lesson here is for those of you Jag owners, whenever your battery is replaced (specially at sears jiffy lube, discount auto or similar places), make sure the breather tube is properly connected to the battery and directed outside the car.


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