Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2005 XJ Fuse location and id

Everybody should have this fuse assortment in their cars in case you need fuses: ATD-364120 Piece Car Fuse Assortment

Engine compartment fuse box 

F1ATO10ARedFront ignition, UHEGO, fuel pump, rear ignition relay coils
F2Not used
F3Not used
F4ATO30AGreenPowerwash pump
F5Not used
F6ATO40AOrangeAir suspension compressor
F7ATO40AOrangeRight-hand front screen heater or wiper park zone heater
F8ATO20AYellowRight-hand dipped beam
F9ATO20AYellowLeft-hand dipped beam
F10Not used
F11Not used
F12ATO10ARedEngine control module
F13ATO10ARedFuel injectors
F14ATO10ARedPurge valve, EGR valve, canister close valve (CCV), port deactivation, V6 intake manifold tuning valves (IMTV), MAFS, air filter solenoid, radiator fan controller
F15Not used
F16ATO20AYellowRight-hand main beam, left-hand main beam
F17ATO10ARedEngine control module, transmission control module
F18ATO15ABlueFront fog lights, instrument cluster front fog status
F19ATO25ANaturalStarter solenoid
F20ATO30AGreenABS module (pump)
F21Not used
F22ATO30AGreenABS module
F23Not used
F24ATO20AYellowThrottle motor
F26ATO40AOrangeWiper system, front electronics module (FEM)
F27Not used
F28Not used
F29Not used
F30ATO10ARedIgnition coils
F31ATO15ABlueIntercooler water pump (supercharged engines)
F32ATO40AOrangeLeft-hand front screen heater
F33ATO30AGreen'A' bank heated oxygen sensors
F34ATO30AGreen'B' bank heated oxygen sensors
F35Midi80ARadiator cooling fan
Cabin fuse box 

F1ATO10ARedClimate control unit, fan, screen heaters and wiper relay coils, smog sensor
F2ATO5ATanRadiator fan controller, cruise control switch, adaptive cruise control
F3ATO5ATanRear outer seat, electrochromic mirror, driver seat heater, electric parkbrake, left and right-hand HID lamps levelling, left and right-hand seat belt switches
F4ATO5ATanInstrument cluster
F5Not used
F6Not used
F7ATO5ATanCigar lighter, sunroof module, electric parkbrake switch illumination, accessory relays (trunk fuse box)
F8ATO5ATanInstrument cluster
F9ATO10ARedLeft-hand direction indicator and repeater
F10ATO5ATanGlove compartment door motor and lamps
F11ATO5ATanRadio muting (engine start), ignition feed
F12ATO10ARedFront electronic module (FEM), passenger mirror
F13ATO20AYellowRear electronic module (REM), door locks
F14ATO10ARedCourtesy light, footwell lamps, rain sensor, FEM
F15ATO5ATanECM, FEM, instrument cluster airbag fault lamp, instrument cluster ignition (run/start)
F16ATO5ATanDiagnostic connector
F17ATO5ATanABS module
F18Not used
F19ATO5ATanIgnition relay, ECM, REM, fuel pump relay, start relay
F20ATO5ATanTelephone transceiver, TV module, VICS (Japan), voice module, rear telematics
F21Not used
F22Not used
F23Not used
F24ATO10ARedPATS transponder
F25ATO10ARedRight-hand direction indicator and repeater, right-hand front lamp, header console map lamp
F26ATO15ABlueScreenwash pump
F27ATO10ARedACC module
F28ATO10ARedClimate control modules (front and rear), driver's door module (DDM)
F29ATO10ARedAirbag module, occupancy sensing module, passenger weight sensor
F30ATO10ARedVoice, front/rear sound, DVD, telematics, TV
F32ATO5ATanFront/rear parking aid, trailer tow module, battery backed sounder, voice module, telephone receiver
F33ATO5ATanTransmission control, 'J'-gate, generator
F34ATO5ATanNavigation system
F35ATO10ARedLeft-hand seat movement
F36ATO40AOrangeLeft-hand seat movement
F37ATO25ANaturalDriver window
F38ATO15ABlueRadio head unit
F39ATO5ATanTransit relay (removed before customer delivery)
F40ATO10ARedSecurity LED, yaw rate sensor
F41ATO20AYellowIgnition switch
F42ATO10ARedFEM, REM, DDM, clock
F43ATO5ATanDiagnostic connector
F44ATO5ATanBrake switch
F45ATO10ARedRight-hand seat movement
F46ATO25ANaturalPassenger window
F47ATO5ATanInstrument pack
F48ATO20AYellowInstrument pack (steering column tilt and reach)
F49ATO40AOrangeLeft-hand seat movement
Trunk fuse box 

F1Not used
F2Not used
F3Not used
F4Not used
F5ATO40AOrangeRight-hand front seat
F6ATO10ARedAccessory connector
F7ATO40AOrangeFront blower motor
F8ATO10ARedHeater circuit water pump
F9ATO25ANaturalRear seat motors
F10Not used
F11ATO5ATanRear footwell lamps, grab handle lamps
F12ATO10ARedAir suspension
F13ATO20AYellowREM, rear seat heaters
F14Not used
F15ATO5ATanRight-hand rear light cluster
F16ATO10ARedTrunk lights, driver seat switch pack, rear switch seat pack
F17ATO10ARedLeft-hand rear fog and reversing lamps
F18ATO10ARedNumber plate lamps, side marker lamps
F19ATO30AGreenHeated rear window
F20ATO10ARedHeated door mirrors
F21ATO25ANaturalRear seat motors
F22ATO10ARedAccessory connector
F23Not used
F24ATO20AYellowFuel pump driver module
F25ATO15ABlueFront accessory socket
F26ATO15ABlueRear accessory socket
F27ATO10ARedRear CD
F28ATO25ANaturalLeft-hand rear window
F29Not used
F30ATO10ARedGenerator, battery backed sounder, transit relay
F31ATO40AOrangeRight-hand front seat
F32ATO30AGreenElectric parkbrake actuator
F33ATO20AYellowRear electronic module (fuel pump)
F34ATO30AGreenPower amplifier
F35Not used
F36Not used
F37Not used
F38Not used
F39Not used
F40ATO25ANaturalRight-hand rear window
F41Not used
F42Not used
F43ATO15ABlueRear cigar lighter
F44ATO15ABlueFront cigar lighter
F45Not used
F46ATO10ARedRight-hand rear reverse and fog lights
F47ATO20AYellowFEM, front seat heater
F48ATO5ATanHigh mounted stop lamps
F49ATO5ATanLeft-hand rear light cluster
F50Not used
F51ATO10ARedNavigation system
F52ATO20AYellowAir suspension
F53ATO20AYellowRear fan motor
F54ATO15ABlueHeated steering wheel
F55Not used


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