Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jaguar XJ8 remote programming

By popular demand, here is how to program the remotes on a Jaguar XJ-8 without a scan tool:

All the remotes MUST BE PRESENT. If not, remotes that are not there won't be program to the car and won't work.
  1. Insert the key
  2. Hold the headlight flasher back
  3. Turn the key to position one
  4. Flash the headlights 4 times (I do it repeatedly until the car beeps)
  5. The car will beep, this means that it has entered programming mode
  6. For each remote that you have, press the lock and unlock button at the same time, then move to the next. For each remote entered you should hear a "honk". When the car "honks" five times the procedure is done. So if you have one remote you should operate it five times. If you have two operate one once and the other four times.

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