Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blonde with a Jaguar

So this blonde walks into a bank in New York city and she says that she needs a loan of 1'000 dollars because she is going to Europe on a trip. The bank employees explain to her that she needs a collateral for the loan, so she reaches in her purse and she puts the keys of her Brand new Jaguar XKR in the desk. The employee asks for the title and the paper work and everything checks out, she owned the car cause she bought it cash. The teller then brings the paperwork and approves the loan. As she leaves the tellers tells another employee to go park the car at the bank's parking lot. As the blonde exists the building the bank employees laugh at her for giving a 100'000 dollar car as a collateral for a 1'000 dollar loan. A week later the blonde comes back and pays the loan in full plus the interest which came out to be about 7 bucks. The teller then tells the blonde, this came out nicely I hope your trip was great. She then replies, no I didn't go anywhere, this loan was just convenient. And why is that the employee asks and the blonde responds: "where else can you park your car in New York for seven bucks for a week".

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