Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MUST HAVE Jaguar accessories

Here are some MUST HAVE Jaguar accessories that I've stumble across over the years. The first one might not surprise you, or might already heard about, but I'm sure there's gotta be one here you didn't know about!
This key chain is absolutely beautiful. It is definitely a best seller. I've even seen people that don't own Jaguar buy them!

Leapers everywhere! The Jaguar leaper looks absolutely beautiful anywhere, and the licence frame is no exception. How dare your dealer put a regular black frame on a chrome deserving cat!

Jaguar owners know that Jaguars are almost perfect. The only reason why they aren't is because they forgot to put the Jaguar valve stem caps!

Jaguar cologne? Yes, Jaguar cologne. I never heard of this product until I saw a customer with it. Jaguar might be pushing it but we gotta admit, that leaper looks good on anything.

Men like wallets. Jaguar owners like Jaguar  stuff. Male Jaguar owners like this wallet. Your argument is valid.

More and more leapers. Seat belts don't have to be boring anymore!

Jaguar owners are picky. You can't have a regular bolt on that licence plate and you know it!

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