Sunday, December 29, 2013

P0172 and P0175 on your Jaguar X-type

P0172 and P0175 are for the banks on the engine are too rich. Let me break it down for you, the ECM (engine computer) is always monitoring the Oxygen sensors. When the oxygen sensors detect little oxygen on the exhaust (little oxygen means too much fuel) for a predetermined period of time then it flags one or both these codes. Which brings us to an important conclusion, if both codes are flagged at the same time then there is a problem that affects both sides of the engine. If only one code is flagged then there is a problem that affects the respective side of the engine. You don't need to know a lot of mechanics and electronics, just follow the guide that follows:

If both P0172 and P0175 are flagged:
If only one of the codes is flagged:


  1. Very grateful for such a lengthen explanation, i have written this down in my record book for remembrance.. thank you,

    Yeshua Bless you

    A.B Robinson

  2. Lots of discussion on this in the Jag forum, seems the culprit is the MAF connector pins, clean, tweak if necessary, reconnect, problem goes away!

  3. DO not Clean your throttle body, theres huge warnings in the repair information telling you to never ever clean the throttle body and will risk damage if done.

  4. My xj8 drives great for about an hour after that restricted performance comes then goes away. But then soon after it will start to sputter when I press the accelerate. Received P0172 and P0175 codes along with misfire on cyclinders 1-4. I was thinking oxygen sensor. could it be mass flow sensor?

  5. P0172 system too rich bank 1
    P0175 system too rich bank 2 help please on a 2005 jag s type 3.0 getting these codes , replaced ,fuel filter,MAF sensor,...