Thursday, January 2, 2014

OTC 3054C tool review

I have purchased the OTC 3054C about a year ago and a review is due.
I simply love this tool. It makes checking your injector's circuit a breeze. Specially with the extension. In case you are wondering, this is a set of noid lights and the way it works is like this:
  1. You unplug the injector that isn't working.
  2. You open this set and find the noid light that matches the injector connector.
  3. You plug in the noid light to the injector connector
  4. You start your engine
  5. You clear your DTCs with a scanner
  6. The noid light should flash steadily
When the noid light flashes steadily it means that the computer is firing the injector, pretty awesome huh?! I should also note that since this is a Jaguar Blog that the only noid light I usually use is the one labeled Bosch type II. The fiber optic extension is awesome as well, because sometime you can't see the noid light from the inside of the car, then you use this extension to "extend" the flash so you can see it. This tool is great for checking injectors and totally worth the 50 bucks (as of today!). Click on the pic below for a link to buy!

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