Tuesday, February 4, 2014

P0327, P0328, P0332, P0333 and P1648 on your Jaguar X-type

First of all, if you have any misfire codes, address those first! Then clear and see if the knock sensor codes come back, then proceed.

Most likely problem: Knock Sensor

By OBDII Standards this is what the codes technically mean:
  • P0327: Knock sensor A low input
  • P0328: Knock sensor A high input
  • P0332: Knock sensor B low input
  • P0333: Knock sensor B high input
  • P1648: knock sensor processor failure
As far as you are concerned you should change the knock sensor and see what happens, this is most lilely your problem. If that doesn't work (again this is very unlikely) then you might want to change the computer, but for the price of the sensor I would change that just in case. You might see online and in some literature that there is two sensor, but the x-type only has one sensor (at least here in the states). If you wonder how do I know (I'm just a guy with a blog right?!), I read and read until I came across the description and operation of the Engine Management System for the x-type. I quote: "The engine management system features (between others) and single knock sensor monitoring system." I read in a bunch of places that there are two knock sensors, I never seen one, but I'm here in the states. If you do see one take a pic and comment!!!

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