Thursday, April 3, 2014

P0441, P0443, P0444 and P0445 on your Jaguar X-type

P0441, P0443, P0444 and P0445 on your X-type is flagged when the computer sees that the circuit for the purge valve is not operating properly. The first thing to check would be to put your hand on the purge valve and feel that it is clicking. Is not supposed to be clicking 100% of the time, but just run the car, let it idle for about 2 minutes or so and then feel if the valve clicks, if it doesn't you most likely need a new one. Other things you could check at this point, if it does click, is make sure the valve is not plugged up. Take it out and make sure is clean. Then you can add power and ground to it and blow through it (eww I know) and then take the power and ground out and blow through it and see if it is operating properly. If it is working properly check for vacuum at the hose that connects to the valve. If you don't have vacuum then follow the hose and see why you don't. You can also check the resistance of the purge valve, is supposed to be between 30 ohms and 35 ohms at room temperature.

Buuuuut, your most likely problem is a purge valve.

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