Thursday, April 3, 2014

P0442 on your Jaguar X-type

P0442 is caused when the computer sees a leak in the fuel tank system. By law, the gases that form in the fuel tank from gasoline being there and shaking as you drive up and down cannot leak to the atmosphere that we all share and breathe. So Jaguars have what is called an EVAP system, who's purpose is to get all these gases, store them in a tank (called the charcoal canister) and feed them to your engine so the gases get burned properly. So as you drive down the road the computer is always using this system components to check for leaks. This code means that the computer sees a leak.

So these are the possible causes:
  1. MOST LIKELY: Bad gas cap (they go bad all the time so what you do is buy a gas cap from the following link and clear the codes, that will most likely fix your problem). Link: 10851 Fuel Cap
  2. The neck or any hoses going to the fuel tank. For these I recommend a leak but I can happily tell you that I never had a problem with these in all the years that I've been working in Jaguars.

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