Friday, June 27, 2014

Changing the front brake pads and rotors on your Jaguar XF (4.2 engine standard brakes)

You'll need:
Here is the procedure for changing the front brake pads and rotors on your Jaguar XF:
  • First thing we have to do is to set up the car properlly in a level surface. Also I recommend using goggles, because you don't have much experience removing the clip and it might pop out and hit you in the eye. 
  • We have to suck as much brake fluid as we can from the reservoir. 
  • Remove the clip:

  • With the clip removed, remove the two caliper bolts, they are hex 7 mm.

  • With a screwdriver, pry the caliper upwards, if it feels hard to come out, pry the inner pad back into the caliper slightly, then remove the caliper. DO NOT LEAVE THE CALIPER HANGING. put it on top like I did in the next pic and make sure it doesn't fall. If it does it might stress and break the brake hose. 

  • Now remove the two 15 mm (if I remember correctly) bolts holding the caliper bracket in place. 

  • The rotor is held in place by two lock washers. I remove them and dig them out with cutting pliers. Now remove the rotor. If the rotor doesn't come out as easy as mine did, catch one of the lug nuts, PUT YOUR GOGGLES ON, and bang it with a hammer.  

  • This is where we differ from ignorant mechanics and do a perfect job. With the rotor out it is a good idea to hit the surface where the rotor sits with a wire brush. This is to avoid vibration. Then hit the hub with some antiseize. 

  • Hit it with the brush until is CLEAN

  • Put antiseize
  • Now put the new rotor in place. Don't worry about the lock washers you broke they don't need to go back, the lug nuts and the wheel are what truly hold the rotor in place. That is for assembly at the assembly line.

  • Place the bracket back, catch the two 15 mm bolts by hand first, then tighten them with a 1/2 drive. Make sure these are tight! 

  • Push the caliper back with a retractor tool:

  • Place the new brake pads in place, one goes in the caliper as in the next pic. 

  • Place the caliper back in place. Catch the hex by hand first then tighten them Make sure they are tight but don't brake these. They don't have a of of thread. 

  • Now place the clip back in place. It can be done by bear hands, make sure your goggles are on. 

  • Repeat for the other side.
  • When you are done, tighten your wheels and top up the reservoir. Pump the brake with the engine off to make sure you have no air in the system and everything feels tight. 

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