Friday, June 13, 2014

Repacking the bearings on your XJS

Here is the procedure for repacking the bearings with grease on the XJS:
First off you need to remove the calipers, or just push them aside, click on the link for the procedure: click here

  • When you have the caliper out of the way, you need to remove the cap with a cap puller:

Here is a pic of the puller: 
  • With the cap removed you need to take out the cotter pin with some cutting pliers:

  • After the pin is removed remove the cap that covers the nut and holds the pin:

  • I like to use a small set of channel locks to remove the nut

  • Then you have to pull on the rotor to remove the small bearing, make sure it doesn;t fall on the floor otherwise it will need to be replaced. There is a big washer and then the bearing. Make sure you ar eplacing everything in order on a table.

  • Then you can pull the rotor and hub assembly.

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