Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to change the rear brake pads and rotors on your Jaguar XF

The title says it all, here is what you need to change the rear brake pads and rotors on your Jaguar XF:
Here is the procedure:
First off we must open the brake fluid reservoir and suck some of the fluid out. As much as you can. 
  • First we have to remove the clip, so use goggles. You don't want this accidentally popping out and hitting you in the eye. :D
  • Remove the two caps for the caliper bolts.
  • Now remove the two caliper bolts.

  • Pry the caliper back and remove the brake pads.

  • Remove the caliper holding braket bolts. And remove the rotor, if the rotor is hard to come out, catch a lug nut, put your goggles on and bang it with a hammer, we are changing it anyways.

  • With the rotor removed, place the proper adapter into the tool and set it up in the following manner. If your tool is slightly different it should come with instructions, read them too you can't read too much and you want to do a good job. Then screw the caliper piston in. If the rubber starts to twist with it, you can fix that with a small screwdriver.

  • Clean with a wire brush the surface in which the rotor sits. This is to avoid a vibration later on. Then you might want to put antiseize where the rotor seats. Place the rotor in place.

  • Place the bracket back in place, catch the bolts by hand and then tighten them (they go pretty tight with a 1/2 drive). 
  • Grease the points where the pad contacts the BRACKET and the CALIPER.
  • Place the pads in place, and place the caliper over them. The pad with the spring clip goes on the inside. Catch the bolts by hand and then tighten them, this go tight but don't overdo them.

  • Place the clip back in place.

  • This is where you differentiate yourself from idiot mechanics/DIYers: you need to disconnect the battery. Wait about ten minutes then hook it back up. Then reset your parking brake (just get inside the car, apply the parking brake). If you don't then you will get uneven wear and worst fuel economy. The pictures that follow are of the $20'000 scan tool I have to reset the parking brake without disconnecting the battery and loosing the customer's settings. That's why I am a Jaguar specialist, but you need to disconnect the battery and reset the parking brake.


  1. Hi.
    Is this the same procedure when changing the front and rear on the 2010- XJ and XJL models?

    1. No, but when I get one of those I'll post the procedure so check back often! It should be the same idea.

  2. Does the piston on the read have to line up with anything like a groove/dimple? I have just changed my pads and break is very spongey.

    1. u probably got air in the system. u should bleed ur brake system

  3. The tool I have to wind the piston back in has a left and right hand turning tool, which is needed?

  4. The tool I have to wind the piston back in has a left and right hand turning tool, which is needed?

  5. I have read on the Jag Forum that they are all Right Hand turn

  6. When you retract the piston, you should have the bleeder open. Forcing brake fluid back into the system can mess up the ABS. In addition, water in the brake fluid goes to the lowest point.

    So what you should do, is open the bleeder, retract the piston, and then close the bleeder. If done properly, there is no need to bleed the system.

    Be sure to top off the brake fluid after the job.

  7. Do you have to turn off any computer settings before pushing the pistons back on the rear