Friday, August 1, 2014

Fuel smell and weak start on your XF

If you feel a fuel smell and/or weak start on your XF you might want to check this. The top cover of the fuel pump module tends to leak on these cars. Checking it is very easy! First you have to remove the rear seat cushion, which hast to black levers you can find easily, then pull it up and out. Then pull up the carpet and you can put a stick the way i put the pry bar on the following pic so you can work easier.
When you start the car you might see the leak like this one. Everything was lal wet. The problem was that top white cover.
Taking it out if it is leaking is easy. Just get a screw driver and a hammer and tap the black cover counterclockwise. The just pull it out. Make sure you have a towel or lots of rags so no fuel falls on you cat.
The top cover seems to be the fuel filter.

UPDATE: So I decided to open the sucker to see what was inside and indeed a filter. Also a ground probe which I'm guessing is for static. The part as of today the dealer charges around 200 dollars.

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