Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to change the radiator on your Jaguar XJ

Here is the how to for removing the radiator on your Jaguar XJ. I've done a couple of these and I'll add pics as I am able to take more.

You'll need
For the procedure:

First you have to remove a bunch of plastic covers. Remove the one that covers the top of the radiator (it has 6 clips.) Then remove the bottom splash guard and the black cover after the splash guard which just pulls out.

It will also help a lot to have room so remove the intake air duct, the air cleaner and the air cleaner housing. While you remove all these make sure you are being organized and placing all the screws on bins!

Now we need to put a catch bucket at the bottom of the driver's side of the radiator and disconnect the oil cooler lines. Make sure you catch as much transmission fluid as possible. When the fluid stops draining it would be a good idea to plug the lines with rubber plugs, if you don't have any that fit the lines, then rap then with rags. Make sure you don't loose the O-rings!

Now you need to dispose of the transmission fluid legally! And place two new catch buckets at the bottom of the whole radiator. This are going to be for catching all the coolant, which should also be disposed off legally!

Now you have to remove the 8 mm bolt for the expansion tank, and the hoses that attach to it have to be disconnected. And then remove the expansion tank. Make sure not to break the sensor wire, and also not to drop the clip that attached the bottom hose of the expansion tank!

Now is time to disconnect the cooling fan and fish it out. There are connectors that can be accessed through the bottom passenger side. You have to unplug them and unclip them. Then fish the cooling fan upwards. 

Drain the coolant by remove the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator.

Detach the lower coolant hose and catch as much of the coolant as you can! As you disconnect all these hoses you need to try and place them out of your way to the best of your common sense. Don't bend them in a way that they would break, but try and place them in such a way that won't bother you a lot.

Next thing is to detach the power steering oil cooler. It has two 10 mm nut if I remember correctly...

Loosen the condenser retaining studs that are behind the nuts you just removed. When the condenser and power steering cooler are loose make sure they don't hit anything sharp. You don't want to create a leak while fixing one!

Now remove the top radiator retainers, each one has three 8 mm bolts.

Now you can pull the radiator upwards.

Place the new and old radiator next to each other and transfer all the pieces. Don't forget the mounts!

Reverse to install!


  1. I have to change intercooler.can i remove fan on radiator and slide rad back to pull intercooler out.looking to save time draining fluids