Friday, August 15, 2014

How to make your car last forever

If you read this and disagree, respectfully express your opinion, I will respect it. My proof that this works is experience. A couple of customers do this and it works for them, my boss does it and it works for him, I do it and I see some differences already.

I've been a mechanic for about 7 years now and I wanted to share with my readers some "Secrets" that I've learned over the years. When I was about 20 years old I bought my first car, it was a Mitsubishi Eclipse V6 and I didn't know what the hell I was buying. Eclipses is not that bad but it leaks like there is no tomorrow... I had the car for about 2 years before I became a mechanic. When I did I quickly learned how to extend its life. Let me tell you that my Eclipse made it to 150'000 miles with the tranny never replaced and I traded it in because I could afford a new one not because it wouldn't last longer.

You might be wondering what did you do? Well first let me tell you how did I learn what to do. My boss has about 30 years of experience under his belt. He owned over 5 new cars and a bunch of used ones (for his son and wife). Every time I saw him getting a new car he would change certain things when the sucker was brand new, and I asked why. His brand new GT500 mustang was in the lift, he tells me, my F150 is 10 years old and it looks like brand new right? In all the cars I had none of them had transmission problems, no leaks, and they all outlived their lifespan (lifespan based on when the repairs become so expensive its not worth it). So when I bough my first new car I did all of this. So these tricks are from a guy with 30 years of experience passed down to a guy with 7 years of experience.

For the tricks, I want you to know this is what I do to ensure my brand new car will last me a long time:
  1. As soon as you get the car, replace the transmission fluid for a GOOD ONE. I used AMSOIL transmission fluid. I usually have links to amazon and I get a little kick back when I recommend something, but rest assure that I wouldn't link to something I wouldn't buy. This product is not available on amazon therefore there is no link, but think about it, I'm recommending a product I don't get anything for recommending. Trust me, as soon as you get your car put some AMSOIL synthetic ATF and your Tranny will last forever. My boss showed me a 10 year old car that he put this on day one and the fluid looks super clean, we took down the oil pan and there  were no metal shavings like in the rest of the transmissions that I saw with the same mileage.
  2. Your first oil change at 3000 miles, change it and use Motul synthetic. Then change it every 5'000.
  3. There is no such thing as LIFETIME fluid. Nothing last forever. Chemicals lose its properties especially when they are constantly being beaten by a transmission. So no matter what your mechanic, Jaguar engineer, or fuc*ing Obama tells you, follow this schedule:
    1. Change the air filter every 30'000, stay away from reusable filters, every 15'000 take it out and shake it a little bit. Every time you change the air filter clean the throttle housing and the MAF sensor. (If you are by a dusty area like a construction zone or the dessert, then do it every 15'000, is not that hard to change (unless you have a new XK) and they are not that expensive.)
    2. Adding some fuel additive every year doesn't hurt.
    3. Change your fuel filter every 30'000 miles.
    4. Change your A/C cabin filter every 30'000. 
    5. Change the spark plugs every 60'000 and only use platinum tipped spark plugs.
    6. Change the engine oil every 5'000 miles, use MOTUL synthetic Motul 8100 X-cess 5W-40 Synthetic
    7. Change your brake fluid every two years.
    8. Change your coolant every two years.
    9. Flush you power steering fluid every two years.
    10. Unless you live somewhere where the washer fluid freezes up, use water for washer fluid. If you have to use some washer fluid because of freezing, make sure you use it all in a month, and before putting new one put water and flush it. As nonsensical as this might sound, trust me.
  4. Do not wash your engine. Just get a rag and wipe it, then put armor-all in another rag and wipe the black plastics
  5. Put gas only on clean reputable gas stations. I use shell, and Chevron
  6. When replacing the tires, replace them with the ones that came with your car or better. If your tire is 5 years old, time to change them, no matter how much thread left. Make sure they never sell you old tires.
  7. Wax it every month.
  8. Wash it every week. Two times a week if it is black.


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