Friday, January 30, 2015

How to replace the headlight bulb on your Jaguar XF (removing the headlamp)

Here is how to replace the headlight bulb on your Jaguar XF.

You'll need a bulb of course:
Here is how to do it.

There is three 10 mm bolts that hold the headlamp in place. The two at the top which are accesible from the engine compartment come off but the third which you can get to from the wheel arc doesn't come off, just unscrew it and it should stay in place. 

  • Here is a pic of the bolt from the wheel.

  •  Now pull the headlamp out a little bit, undo the connectors and take out the headlamp.

  •  With the headlamp on the table remove the back cover. The bulb comes off but twisting it counter clockwise. Unplug it, remove it and place the new one. Don't forget to plug it back and put the cover back.

  • Here is a photo of the new connector you can order in case you have the same problem: 
  • Reverse the order to install :D


  1. Hi, can you tell me whether there is a secret how to get the headlight out. I have removed the three screws and the unit is completely loose but it still won't come out.
    Do you have to remove the front panel?
    My XF is a 61 plate.
    Thanks, Noel

    1. Did you undo the connector? It takes a little wiggling but if there was a secret I would've mentioned it.

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  3. Hi Daxter, i have a 2008 XF i have recently changed both Hid Xenon headlights but now the driver side (uk) has stopped working, I changed the bulb again but it still isn't working, any help would be most appreciated

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