Monday, January 5, 2015

P0560 in your Jaguar X-type

P0560 is flagged in your X-type when the computer is missing a power supply. The ECM has more than one wire with live power going to it and one is missing. The first thing I recommend is check all your fuses with a voltmeter. Pay attention to the voltages. Yesterday, I had a car that with the test light all the fuses seem good, but with the meter one of the fuses had 12 volts on one side and 8 volts at the other. I removed it and it turns out that the fuse was bad, and the computer was somehow feeding a voltage back. So check all the fuses with a voltmeter, you should see 13 volts with the engine running at both sides of every fuse, anything weird, remove the fuse and inspect it.

If that doesn't work you have to disconnect the computer and clean the connector with a special  contact cleaner (follow this link: CRC 05101 QD Electronic Cleaner), make sure that none of the pins at the connector are bent (I've seen that too!)

If that doesn't work then you have to start carefully probing the harness and make sure that all the necessary powers are there. If they are then you need an ECM :/ Here is a good link: C2S12022

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