Friday, February 6, 2015

How to change the air suspension compressor on your Jaguar XJ

Getting a new compressor for your air suspension just became an easy and relatively cheap task thanks to Arnott's new relatively cheap compressor and this guide. All you need is some basic tools and this compressor:

Things you'll need:

For the procedure:

  • First set up the car and remove the left front wheel.

  • Now you have to remove the wheel well. The wheel well is attached by:
    • Two 10 mm nuts
    • Two 10 mm bolts
    • Four clips
    • Two Torx screws

  • When you pull the left front wheel well you'll see that sucker hiding at the front. Removing the antenna for the TPMS (in the pic below is at the bottom left) makes things a lot easier.
  • The compressor has three lines going to it, one is attached by a 10 mm nut and the other two are push-pull type, which means you push down on the little ring and pull up on the hose to take them off. 
  • Then there is two connectors, unplug them.

  • All you have to do is remove the three 10 mm nuts that hold the compressor. And then pull the compressor. 
  • I always like to set the old and the new part next to each other to compare and make sure everything is alright.

  • You have to transfer a bracket that is attached to the old one by to Torx screws. and then the clip that holds the connector. 

  • Make sure everything is clean and that nothing is in your way like in the photo below.

  • After you transferred all the pieces to the new one, place the new one in place and catch the nuts. This might be easier to do with a friend.When you catch all three nuts and tighten them, you can plug everything in, the three hoses and the two connectors.

  • Time to put that wheel well back, and tighten everything up.

  • Place the wheel back and tighten.

  • It is also necessary to change the relay which is located in the engine compartment fuse box. Is the one at the bottom right on top of the fuses in the pic above.


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