Monday, February 2, 2015

Jaguar XK Fuse location and ID

Here are the locations and IDs of the fuses on your Jaguar XK.

There are three fuse boxes:

Engine Compartment

  1. Not used
  2. Throttle motor
  4. Powerwash pump
  5. Not used
  6. Not used
  7. Front left screen heater
  8. Not used
  9. Cigar lighter heater element
  10. Horn
  11. Not used
  12. Variable valve timing actuators, EMS control module
  13. Injectors
  14. EGR valve, Radiator fan control, purge valve, MAF, EVAP monitor, second air injection vacuum solenoid
  15. ACM/FLS
  16. Not used
  17. TCM
  18. Not used
  19. Starter
  20. DSC pump
  21. Not used
  22. DSC valves
  23. Not used
  24. Intercooler water pump
  25. Not used
  26. Wiper motor
  27. Not used
  28. Cluster, Front headlight levelling ECM
  29. Active front lighting (LH)
  30. Ignition coils and capacitors
  31. Active front lighting (RH)
  32. Front right creen heater
  33. UHEGO - A bank heaters
  34. UHEGO - B bank heaters
  35. Radiator fan

Passenger compartment fusebox

  1. Not used
  2. Not used
  3. Keyless vehicle module
  4. Not used
  5. Instrument cluster logic
  6. Air conditioning
  7. Passive anti-theft system transmitter/receiver
  8. Footbrake switch
  9. Driver's mirror switch, passenger seat memory switch, passenger seat module
  10. Instrument cluster (column adjust)
  11. Not used
  12. Interior lamp switched power comprises - map, couirtesy, footwell, sunvisor, glovebox, In car aspirator
  13. Not used
  14. Adaptive dynamic ride control power
  15. Not used
  16. Front power point, premium audio amplifier, cooling fan
  17. OBD II
  18. Dual sunload, driver's seat module, driver seat memory
  19. RF receiver
  20. Not used
  21. Not used
  22. Not used
  23. Cabin accesory power
  24. Not used
  25. Not used
  26. Not used
  27. Not used
  28. Passenger seat motor (2)
  29. Passenger seat motor (1)
  30. Driver's seat module (1)
  31. Not used
  32. Driver's seat module (2
  33. Not used
  34. Not used
  35. SAI Maxi fuse

Rear Seat compartment

  1. Passenger door zone ECM
  2. TPMS
  3. Not used
  4. Power rod aerial
  5. Alternator sense
  6. Not used
  7. Not used
  8. Power roof logic
  9. Not used
  10. Accessory connector B+
  11. Not used
  12. Not used
  13. Driver's door zone ECM
  14. Navigation Power
  15. Not used
  16. Not used
  17. Restraints control module
  18. EPB
  19. Active Exhaust
  20. Not used
  21. IHU, supply
  22. Phone power
  23. Heater rear screen
  24. Not used
  25. Sirus Satellite power
  26. Not used
  27. Impact sensor
  28. Not used
  29. Not used
  30. Power roof rear quarters
  31. Power amp supply
  32. Power roof supply
  33. Fuel pump module
  34. Blower motor


  1. You are awesome! How did you all know that compartments? There are dozens of them! LSG Industrial Pneumatics

  2. my xk8 battery went flat so i opened the boot by connecting a battery to a point in the engine bay now two lights on the dash no light on guages start okay but stuck in park

  3. My driver's door puddle light not working. I have changed bulb still not on. Passengers door ok. Where would the fuse be. Many thanks

  4. When larger motors are used in circuits or motors that cycle on and off many times use "S" and "T" fuses. These fuses are heavy duty time delay fuses, the differences are the "S" fuse uses rejection socket bases, and the "T" fuse has a Edison base.
    Bussmann Fuses

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  6. Hi
    I have checked every fuse in the engine bay, passenger side and drivers side and all are ok
    However my front side lights/parking lights are not working, prior to checking the fuses I replaced the old bulbs for new ones.....
    Any ideas?
    Many thanks in advance

  7. 2010 XK - License bulbs not working. Bulbs good. Can't pass state inspection. Help! Thanks.

  8. Which fuse and location for the front/rear parking sensors on my 2006 X150, please. Thank you , in anticipation, for your advice and help

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