Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to change the tuning valve seals on your Jaguar X-type (P0171 and P0174)

A very common vacuum leak on your X-type is the tuning valve seals. Lucky for you they are easy to change and relatively cheap.

Here is what you'll need:
Here is the procedure:
  • First remove the four 8 mm bolts holding them in place. Two per valve.
  • You can unplug and pull the top one right out. Then with a small pick, pull the seal off.
  • Here is the part number for the seal.
  • Place the new seal in place.
  • Use some silicone spray to lube the seal.
  • Now to do the bottom one, it doesn't come out. So you have to remove the seal right there through the top of the valve. Bit annoying but it works and its quick. The place the new seal in place for this one too and spray with silicone.
  • Push the valves back and catch the four 8 mm bolts by hand first. Then tighten.
  • Just plug them in and that's it, you are done. Make sure you clear the faults of the system.

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