Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Removing and installing the intake manifold on your Jaguar 2002 X-type

What you'll need:

Here is the procedure for removing and reinstalling the intake manifold on your 2002 Jaguar X-type (this is done to replace the coils and spark plugs in cylinders 1, 3 and 5):

First we have to remove the intake boot. Loosen the two clamps of the boot that connects to the throttle body and the screw that holds the baffle. Then remove the boot and the baffle.

With the baffle and boot removed start disconnecting all the vacuum hoses and the connectors to the manifold. The vacuum connectors at the top disconnect by pushing the retainer ring down and pulling the hose up.

As you disconnect move the hoses and connectors out of the way.

 Disconnect the manifold tuning valves connectors.

There is a vacuum hose at the back of the manifold and two 10 mm bolts holding the manifold in place. Only one of the bolts is shown in the photo below.

Disconnect the throttle body connectors, clamp the cooling hoses and detach them from the throttle body. Remove the throttle body. With the throttle body removed, is a good time to clean it. Is much easier now that it is out of the car. Use a shop rag and cleaner:  CRC 05078 Throttle Body

  There is another bolt at the side of the intake manifold that you have to remove.

Now is time to remove the bolts that hold the intake manifold in place.

There is a pain in the as* bracket at the back of the manifold that you have to manage to detach before pulling it out:

After detaching the bracket seen better in the photo below, you can pull the manifold out of the car.

Make sure you cover the engine holes. You don't want to drop anything in there and ruin your engine. Whenever you remove a major engine component that opens it up, you want to cover the hole with a clean rag to make sure nothing falls inside.

Now you can disconnect the coils and remove the bolts holding them. Then you can remove the spark plugs. Gap to 1.3 - 1.4 mm and replace the spark plugs with NGK (ITR5H13). Don't forget the antiseize. Replace the coils with C2S 42673

Make sure the spark plugs are tight to specification (15NM), the coils are in place and the coil bolts are tight.

Place the manifold back in place (don't forget to remove tha rags, be extra careful not to drop anything inside the engine)

Catch all the hard bolts first. The two in the back of the manifold. The dumb bracket and the one at the side.

  Also don't forget to connect the vacuum hose in the back of the manifold n ext to the two 10 mm bolts.

Reconnect all your manifold tuning valve connectors

Reconnect all you vacuum hoses and hook your throttle body back up. This includes the cooling hoses, the four bolts and the electrical connectors.

Reconnect the vacuum hoses:

I also placed a new clamp on the vacuum hose because the one in the car was marginal.

Make sure you catch all your side bolts:

And replace the intake boot and baffle, and tighten all the clamps. Whenever I clean the throttle body I also like to clean the air mass meter using: CRC 05110 MAF Sensor Cleaner

Is not really necessary, but is just my style.


  1. I'm having trouble removeing the bolt on the left hand side of the intake manifold just keeps spinning can't pull it out either any ideas

  2. I'm having trouble removeing the bolt on the left hand side of the intake manifold just keeps spinning can't pull it out either any ideas

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  4. I have a 2007 x type 3.0. It has a knocking sound, somewhere, but I don't think it's a rod. What else could it be?

  5. Hi ,I am having problems removing two bolts one on the left and the other in the middle of the manifold.it just keeps spinning

  6. Hey, the hose that pushes into the rubber joiner between the throttle body and air cleaner, where does it go to?