Friday, May 22, 2015

Changing the shock mounts on your 2003 Jaguar S-type

Here is the procedure for changing the shock mounts on your 2002 Jaguar S-type. First of all, do you need shock mounts? If you hear a very annoying noise towards the front of your car, either left, right or both, then you might want to look at your shock mount. If after removing the rubber cover you see something like in the first pic below. then you need new shock mounts.The two photos below show a bad and a good shock mount respectively.

Bad Shock mount!
Good shock mount!

You'll need:
Here is the procedure:

First you have to remove the rubber cap that covers the nuts that hold the shock mount in place.

Set up your car and remove your wheel.

Remove the top nuts that secure the shock mount in place.

At the bottom of the strut, remove the big Torx bolt that secures the bottom of the shock to the control arm.

Detach the bolt that secures the upper control arm to the spindle. Hold the bottom of the bolt with an 8 mm socket and 1/4 inch drive ratchet and remove the 18 mm nut with a wrench.

Place the spindle in such a way that there the weight is not pulling on the brake line.

Remove the nut and bolt that connect the front lower control arm to the rear lower control arm. Hold the top of the bolt with a 15 mm wrench like on the pic below and undo the 18 mm nut at the bottom.

Move the front lower control arm out of the way like in the photo below.

Remove the nut and bolt securing the sway bar link to the lower control arm. The bolt is a 13 mm and the nut is a 15 mm.

Now you can pull down on the spindle and fish out the strut assembly.

When the strut is out you can place it on the Jaguar specialty tool below in the following manner. If you don't have a spring compressor available, you can go to a local shop and have the mount replaced for you, for a fraction of the price of the whole procedure since you took it apart and put it together. When you compress the spring, so that the mount is free, just remove the 17 mm nut at the top, note the mount position, pull up to remove, place the new mount at the same position, catch the nut by hand, tighten. Decompress the spring.

Here is a photo of the part number. I like to use original parts whenever I can.

Here is a photo of how the mount looks like by itself. Notice that the hole patern has a special orientation with the strut. Put it together like you found it.

Place the strut back in the car the way you took it out. Note that the threaded side at the bottom of the strut goes towards the front of the car. Catch the top nuts by hand.

Catch the sway bar link bolt and nut by hand first. Then tighten.

Catch the bolt and nut for the front lower control arm next, by hand, and tighten.

Catch the big Torx screw next, and tighten.

Catch the top control arm that connects to the sprindle by hand, then tighten like you took it off.

Tighten the nuts at the top of the strut.

Place the rubber cover back in place.


  1. The crucial function of vehicles' shock absorbers is to absorb bumps and potholes in the road to provide a smooth ride while you are driving. Without them the car would bounce around uncontrollably on the coil springs. Regrettably, shocks will eventually wear themselves out and definitely need to be replaced.

  2. Hi are these adaptive shock absorbers? And how do you connect the ADCM to the strut head. Thanks

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